Parrington’s East Coast graffiti battle

Posted on February 5, 2010


Parrington leads the East Coast graffiti battle
Islip Town Councilman Gene Parrington has just taken unprecedented steps to alleviate graffiti vandalism throughout Islip. Among those chosen, Holbrook Chamber of Commerce president Rick Ammirati has been picked to serve on the Town of Islip’s Graffiti and Litter Removal Task Force. Other members of the task force include Anthony Quintal, Brentwood Chamber of Commerce; Nancy Manfredonia, Central Islip Civic Council; Bob Draffin, Bayport Civic Association; Chamber of Commerce; Anthony Persico, Bohemia Civic Association; Mary Reid, resident; Joe DiPalma, West Islip Chamber of Commerce; Donna Periconi, Bay Shore Chamber of Commerce; and Councilman Parrington.

“I am proud to be able to assemble this talented group of community activists, all of whom care deeply about keeping our community clean and safe,” Parrington said in the statement. “When graffiti is allowed to exist, property values decrease, neighborhoods become hot spots for criminal activity, and the aesthetic qualities of our communities are destroyed. This task force will be looking at this growing problem from every angle, and we welcome the input of other community members.”

Graffiti eating truck unveiled
Spear heading Parrington’s graffiti removal movement, will be the town’s “Graffiti Ordinance” amendment passed December 15, 2009. It imposes more extreme fines and penalties on those who perpetrate graffiti. Through a New York State grant, the task force will welcome an east coast first, “the graffiti eater”. This state-of-the-art graffiti removal truck was the basis of the entire organization’s creation.

First on the agenda for the Town of Islip’s Graffiti and Litter Removal Task Force is the assessment of graffiti vandalism in the area and the levels of urgency each area is assigned.

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