Tag your tag

Posted on February 5, 2010


Tag a tag; If you recognize a tag in the slideshow, then give yourself credit: Email graffiti@mestudio.us
A tag is graffiti striped down to it’s most basic elements, the letters that spell the artist’s name. This is also known as their signature. Each stroke of the chosen font is stylized and personalized to accurately represent the perpetrator. Wikipedia defines tagging (scribbling) as “A stylized signature, normally done in one color. The simplest and most prevalent type of graffiti, a tag is often done in a color that contrasts sharply with its background. Tag can also be used as a verb meaning “to sign”. Writers often tag on or beside their pieces, following the practice of traditional artists who sign their artwork. A less common type of tag is a “dust tag”, done in dust by writers to practice.


The verb tagging has even become a popular verb today in other types of occasions that are non-graffiti-related. Tagging first appeared in Philadelphia, with spraypainted messages of “Bobby Beck In ’59” on freeways surrounding the city. The first “king” was also crowned in Philly: Cornbread (graffiti), a student who began marking his nickname around the city to attract the attentions of a girl. In New York City, TAKI 183 inspired a newspaper article about his exploits, leading to an explosion of tagging in the early seventies” According to Wikipedia a tag can be “capped”, “gone over” or “slashed”