Art without artists, reclamation through reformation

Posted on August 24, 2010


Engage, evoke and enlighten
It is only with gut wrenching inspiration stirred within that this Artist Examiner is compelled to engage you, evoke you and enlighten you.

The digression of the current art world has only served to evacuate expectations, siphoning the viewers spirit. Determined not to remain silent, a guest writer seemed to be the quintessential chicken soup needed.

Why we look at art
Creativity’s catalyst bares no unified form. This muse exposes itself only to the most ripened artistic vessel in the semblance of clarity and vision. Remarkably, this conceptual content is forged outward through a medium, for our observation and inclusion in the process.

This is why we look at art; to facilitate the muse’s full circle passage from the work to our soul. To recount and theorize on the former, Matthew Adam has been invited to guest write on this subject.

Matthew Adam’s personal identity is intertwined with his artistic theory of truth. Self-taught, he eschews identification with a particular school or style. His formation of a cohesive style dissolves into his overall expressiveness, establishing him as a seminal artist of the contemporary art scene. Recently he received critical acclaim at the 64th Annual Guild Hall Art Show in Easthampton.

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Matthew Adam on the product of art
“Once the product of art is negated, well then threat of painting and art’s death due to greater methods of production is no longer a factor. The product is the artist. Let the first fire burn to ash and form a man. Let the stone wheel spin a child. Let a Campbell’s soup can pop open and spill out a tender moment in time that burns into memory…
matthew adam works in progress
Matthew Adam sneak peak at current works in progress photo: matthew adam

Painting – dead
Art – dead
Everything – done
These are the words that have been spouted, and now it appears in art all we have left are vestiges.

Gallery shows, more about free drink and being seen than a real and lasting connection with a real work (which is a connection with the soul of an artist, not the work itself). The teaching of art, with its assembly line approach to training, neglects to focus at all on what the artist’s identity actually is and the method regarding how it is formed. The most important element of art (which is the development of the artist’s identity), is left to the wind. Art without artists? No wonder the death of painting is an echoing thought in the hollow minds of those who rule the art world, or at least those who state such things with certainty.

Death of reason
The only death there is here is the death of reason in ignorant minds. From their lack of reason, I’ve discovered a purpose; To BE an artist, only an artist. Not to necessarily focus directly on the byproduct of that state of being, which is the finished piece or painting. This emphasis can easily be equated to a waste byproduct no more glorious than cream of tartar or feces, but it was completed and deemed “art”. But now the allusion to and use of feces in art makes some sense, doesn’t it? But still, it is just a byproduct.
matthew adam art supplies
photo: meStudio Art supplies in Matthew Adam’s studio in West Islip, NY

Mirror or lens to the soul
Focusing directly on the self, through to the work. It transforms art from being a mirror into the soul, to a lens focusing the soul. If you think about this literally, then think about what a mirror does and what a lens can do. A mirror can reflect a dead image. A flat image, without depth, without meaning, evading capture and only showing what is already shown, less truthfully than the real thing.

A lens, in all it’s meaning, can alter focus, can alter vision, can assist in capture. Do I want capture or reflection? Reflection has its merit, and yet it can only show what I could not see. If I learn to see, what need do I have for reflection? This is a vain and ever present obsession of the world we are in, but I will not state this makes it criminal. It makes art a tool for seeing ourselves.

I no longer seek to see m self through a reflection, nor will I render art as a tool for fear of what I know that leads to. I sought to see myself within myself, the only place where the truth without reflection resides. Now, my intent is capture. To find, see, and show the truth captured faithfully. To recreate rather than reflect.” Visit Matthew Adam Design for further blog postings and to tour the gallery.

This is why we look at art; to facilitate the muse’s full circle passage from the work to our soul. To recount and theorize on the former, Matthew Adam has been invited to guest write on this subject. read the entire article