Your Business on Facebook

Posted on March 23, 2011


How can Facebook Change Your Business ?  

With 550 million users around the world, and counting, Facebook’s influence as the leading social media destinations is undeniable. So when they recently embarked on a wide scale redesign, it was literally felt around the world.

The cleaner, more uniformed layout has naturally been met with some criticism. But the dramatic switch away from Tabs and FBML (Facebook Markup Language) over to iFrames( HTML 5 frameworks), officially on March 11, 2011, is an enormous gain to it’s business community. Many of my clients have already upgraded their fan page to an iFrame page with me and are enjoying the immediate benefits of:

Website Integration into Facebook using their own CSS
Design Flexibility-FBML restrictions removed
Improved List Building Opportunities
Tracking and Metrics through their own website
Product Pages and eCommerce on Facebook
Nobody knows your brand better than you. As a brand owner, creator or visionary, Facebook has just opened up an entirely new audience for your business. Get on board and let your unique voice be heard.

“iFrames allow marketers the creativity and flexibility similar to that afforded by webpages while developers can streamline integration with one process for Facebook canvas apps, Facebook Connect website widgets, and now Facebook custom Pages,”

says Vikas Jain, director of business development for Wildfire Interactive.

Your Brand on Facebook  

The exciting laundry list of new Facebook features for brand-to-brand communications have revolutionized the opportunity for organic discovery and integration.

The most significant is the role of Page Administrator on a business or organization fan page. Formerly, you were limited to posting merely on your own wall, well Mr. Zuckerberg has kindly evolved Page Admins into more of a Social Media Delegate. Acting on behalf of the brand itself, you can not only still post links, photos, events and status on your own wall but on other like minded walls as well. Also you can now like other brand pages,

Focus On Your Genius…We’ll handle the Rest

When you partner with meStudio, you are connected with your own Virtual In-House Creative Team. Our co-creative process takes your business at it’s current state and infuses it with brand equity, an enhanced company image and an elevated level of expertise among the people who matter most… your target market.





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