Drinking the Google Kool-Aid

Posted on April 4, 2011


Drinking the Google Kool-Aid

Fortune 500 has released the 2011 Top 100 Companies to Work For and among the ranks of the top 10 are:


  1. SAS
  2. Boston Consulting Group
  3. Wegmans Food Markets
  4. Google
  5. NetApp
  6. Zappos.com
  7. Camden Property Trust
  8. Nugget Market
  9. Recreational Equipment (REI)
  10. DreamWorks Animation SKG

How would you describe the current culture of your workplace? Does it inspire, motivate and compel team members to go above and beyond ? Does it foster collaboration and innovation ?

and if so, how has it been received by the people you have chosen to bring aboard ?

“It is better to have one person working with you than three people working for you.”~Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Google Way
Open your mind and open your doors to some of the underlying principles that have continually made Google’s corporate culture so revered.

It truly begins with choosing the right people with the
right passion
Look beyond the resume for the strength of their intrinsic motivation: the innate satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from the work itself. Organizational success ultimately happens because people “own” it and see it as their success.

What’s Driving You ?

In his book Drive, Daniel H. Pink compellingly argues that most companies miss the power of intrinsic motivation. Conventional views say you shouldn’t want to do work unless you have an external (extrinsic) reason, usually monetary motivation, to do it. But studies indicate that the most valued linchpins of your business place intrinsic reward above all. He explains:

Understanding Intrinsic Motivation

People can be motivated by the intrinsic attributes of their work and jobs. As leaders, there are three factors to look for that strongly contribute to work being intrinsically motivating:


People want to have control over their work.  They want to know what is theirs to do and have the freedom to determine how to do it.

2. Mastery:

People want to get better at their work.  They want to overcome challenges. They want to be better today than they were yesterday.  They want to grow and improve.

3. Purpose:

People want to be part of something bigger than they are. They want to contribute to something larger than themselves.

Google creatively taps intrinsic motivation with their 80/20 Innovation Time Off (ITO) Model. The ITO policy encourages Google employees to spend 80% of their time on core projects, and roughly 20% (or one day per week) on “innovation” activities that speak to their personal interests and passions.

A few of the revolutionary ideas that were born on 20% time include: Gmail, Google News, Ad Sense, Orkut and even the Google shuttle buses that bring people to work at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

“Ideas are like stray cats. If you put out food and water, they’ll keep coming around. If you ignore them, they’ll go find another place to hang out.” ~Todd Henry

Self-employed “free agents” now constitute slightly more than one-fourth of the U.S. working population. This Free Agent Nation compose an economic icon that Google has utilized so effectively. These creative professionals offer a cost effective solution to expanding your team for specific projects without the commitment of hiring a full-time employee. Notably, independent contractors, tech-savvy, fulfillment-seeking and self-reliant, notoriously exemplify the intrinsic Google culture.

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