How A Fan’s Brilliance In A Moment’s Notice Saved Todd Henry’s NYC Book Launch

Posted on June 24, 2011


The Accidental Creative How To Be Brilliant At A Moment's Notice by Todd Henry

When you are as deeply sincere and as continuously passionate as Accidental Creative founder and CEO, Todd Henry is about his role of “arms dealer for the creative revolution”, then you inevitably attract a fan-base of prolific, brilliant and healthy creatives. But how many of those fans would step up and demonstrate that Brilliance at a Moment’s notice ?

On the eve of Henry’s NYC book launch, long time podcast listener and writer, Mindy Holahan did just that, personifying one of the book’s core subjects of effectively managing your energy so that you are always ready to engage. She eloquently shared the unfolding of events in her highly entertaining blog:

“I was planning to leave the office at 3:30, run to the bank, and hit the road for New York. I was clock-watching when an email alert popped up. Ben, the head of the AC street team, posted Uh oh…Todd is delayed in Philly.”

Sharing his philosophies with hundreds of thousands through his podcasts and popular website, since 2006, Henry continually examines the dynamics of organizational creativity and outlines simple practices and concepts that help stimulate and support the creative process. A sought after speaker, consultant, coach and soon to be best selling author, Henry was making his way from Ohio to New York for the premier of his ironically titled book The Accidental Creative How To Be Brilliant In A Moment’s Notice hitting shelves July 7th, when torrential rains grounded him in Philadelphia with only a few hours to spare before his big debut in NYC.

“Philly? Heck, I’m in Philly and I’m going to New York too. I put up a quick couple of posts. I’m in Philly and planning to come tonight. I could give you a ride if you don’t think you’ll get out in time. Todd posted back that he had a replacement flight in 20 minutes and he’d be fine. I threw my phone number up just in case.” ~mindy holahan

In the create on demand environment, the idea of “real work” and the transcendence over mediocrity linger silently, muted by constant deadlines and new projects. The Accidental Creative Ephipheo, the video created by Ephipheo Studios, shares the epiphany that started it all for Todd Henry. By breaking the silence and tackling this elusive topic, Henry curated the stimuli that helped him pursue the creative possibility of the Holahan Mustang ride that quite possibly saved his career.

“what? Plane cancelled. I gave Todd a quick set of directions to take the train from the airport to 30th Street Station and ran out of the office to meet him there…We had to drive, which meant going through the Holland Tunnel into the city. 8 lanes of traffic dropping down to 2 lanes. We got to Jersey City in record time and then sat for an hour in the queue for the Holland Tunnel…But you know what, friends? We made it! I dropped Todd off at 7:20 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. event” ~mindy holahan

So Todd Henry’s NYC book launch of The Accidental Creative How To Be Brilliant In A Moment’s Notice turned out to be a huge success. Reviews have been outstanding. This book will undoubtedly awaken you to tools that you did not even know you were missing from your creative toolbox. Instantly you will be drawn in by Henry’s accessible and enlightening style, as he paints the all too common picture of what creative burn-out looks like. And learn the essentials of a creative rhythm:

  • Focus in on your most critical work and reclaim your attention.
  • Develop stimulating relationships that will lead to creative insights.
  • Effectively manage your energy so that you are always ready to engage.
  • Curate stimuli that help you pursue creative possibilities
  • Leverage your hours wisely and effectively to eliminate creativity drains.

Download your own copy of Chapter 1 The  Dynamics Of Creative Work and see for yourself.

There are two definitive versions of you with Todd’s book: you before reading it, and you to the 100th power immediately after. Bottom line, The Accidental Creative offers real-world, inspirational insight on how to realize your creative best.” ~ riCardo Crespo, SVP/Global Creative Chief, 20th Century Fox (FCP).